Saturday, August 19, 2006

Back to normal...

Whatever that is.

School is back on. Work is going full swing. I have been busy as can be.

More importantly, at least to me, is the fact that my meds have not been working the way that they should. I had another really bad breakdown about two weeks ago, and have been slowly working my way back to the surface since then. I'm still feeling pretty numb most of the time, which is why I have absolutely nothing to say.

Except that my persistently plugged duct (that's been bothering me since March) finally turned into a full-on case of mastitis, complete with angry red streaks, flaming hot and rock hard breast, and such bad flu-like symptoms that I had to call in sick for a day. It's been more painful than my kidney stone, and that's really saying something.

So, I may be taking a small hiatus, just until I'm feeling more like myself and less like the worst possible version of me. We'll see what happens.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

this is just to say...

this is just to say
I am back
from vacation
with the kids
and my mom

and though
you were probably
that concerned

Forgive me
it has been hectic
so rushed
and so tumultuous

(humblest apologies to WCW. More soon.)