Thursday, September 22, 2005

Back from the dead...

Wow... we were without Internet for quite a while there! We're still without air conditioning, but that I can live with. We're also without organization, which is going to kill me very soon here!

So, a brief rundown for the 82 of you who check this on a regular basis:

We moved. We own a house now, and nobody ever told us how much work that involved! Every spare minute is filled with one project or another. Some are functional, some are cosmetic... It will be a nice house when we do a little fixing, I think. Nobody has loved this place in a very long time. So sad. But we love it and we are willing to do the work to restore it to what it should be (it's very, very old).

Work is work. I had a marathon grading session last weekend that lasted, I sh*t you not, 18 hours. It was awful. Husband is threatening to take the Bear and leave me if I ever do that again! (Maybe now he'll appreciate just how much I do around here. Hmmm.) Anyway, still liking the new job, although it was a full moon last week and that makes children a little nutty. Yeargh.

Finally, an answer to the nagging intense pain! I have a 2 cm kidney stone in my right kidney! It's centimeters, not millimeters. Go ahead, get a ruler. I did. That's really. freaking. big. So, am a little worried about this. No way is that coming out the old-fashioned way. No sir. Not happening. But, they can't break it up with the sound wave thingies that they use because I'm pregnant. So, my OB sent me to a urologist, and we'll see what happens after that visit.

The Bear is still not walking. I'm a little concerned about that, since she's almost 14 months now. Shouldn't she be walking? She'll take a few steps here and there, usually not more than four, but that's still decent progress, I suppose. Then, too, she's saying more and more words. She will poke my tummy and say "baby," she says "dark," "down," "bye," and "eye." Also "mom" and "da." She waves hi and bye, and will blow kisses and high-five on request. Also, when you ask her if she wants more food, she makes the sign for "more" and says "yeah!" She's been a lot of fun lately, and she's adjusting nicely to the new BearCave.

I'll be 17 weeks on Sunday. Feeling little pokes and flutters, but nothing too crazy. I felt the Bear at 15 weeks, and I swear about 13 weeks this time I could feel the bubbles. I'm only up about 5 pounds, which is great compared to last time (20 pounds by now). If it wasn't for the kidney, I'd be feeling great. That and the fact that I pass out on the couch every night about 8 p.m. I have some pretty strong boy vibes this time, which is interesting. We'll have to wait and see what comes out. I'm still waiting for the dream. Last time, I had the dream by about 20 weeks, and I knew the Bear was a girl. Hopefully I'll have a similar dream this time - it was really cool! There's a lot to be said for intuition. We have a nice boy name picked out, so I really am leaning that way. We'll just have to see!

Well, those are all the recent developments, I think. I'm back for good now, so no more 20+ day hiatuses (hiatii?) for me. Off to do more grading - bleargh.


Julie said...

Welcome back! I was starting to think you had deserted us forever!

If the Bear is taking some steps toward walking (pun totally intended - sorry), I'm sure she's fine. She'll probably be one of those kids who goes from crawling straight to running. Lucky you. :)

Congratulations on the house!

Jane said...

No desertion - just no Internet hookup for a while. I'm sure the Bear is fine too, but I have to worry... My mother made this awful comment about how she thinks something is wrong with the Bear's leg because she moves it funny when she walks. And she may be right, or she may just be irritating. It's hard to tell.

Julie said...

Ahh, mothers. You know what's great about them, especially after they become grandmothers? "Right" and "irritating" are not mutually exclusive! They can be both!

In your case, I'll be crossing my fingers for just "irritating."

sarcastic journalist said...

I wouldn't worry about the walking me, once they do you're like "can't we go back to the cute laying on the floor phase?"

I also felt the kiddo kick earlier the second time...I guess we just know what to look for?

Jane said...

Mostly I think it's that she's stubborn - although I don't know where she might have gotten that from... We've started a new no-carry policy in our house - if you want to get there, you'll either crawl or walk (with a finger to hold). My back is protesting about the extra weight... so far, so good!