Monday, November 14, 2005

When the going gets tough...

the tough get bitchy. I have been walking around for the last two weeks feeling as though I'm on the shortest string ever. There's just so much crap, and while I know that I have lots to be thankful for (blah, blah, blah), all I really want to do at this point is lay around in bed and let people feel sorry for me.

I will now proceed to rant. Please, feel free to ignore.

Gripe the first - why is the Bear so damn sick? She has that delightful hacking cough that children get - you know, the one where they cough and cough and cough in spasms until they turn blue and choke and then projectile vomit? Yes, that cough. I'm assuming all of your children have it as well. At any rate, she's been coughing like that nonstop since October 1st. Count them: 45 days. Three trips to the doctor, two rounds of antibiotics, two types of cough syrup, a nebulizer for breathing treatments (I miss my asthma), and 45 nights of no sleep. And the doctor(s) can't seem to find anything wrong with her. What could this be? Any thoughts?

Gripe the second - why is it that medical procedures that are supposed to improve your condition leave you feeling worse? I had a big rubber hose shoved in my kidney to keep it functioning until the baby comes and they can take out the small boulder growing in there. This "procedure" was supposed to relieve the constant back pain or "renal colic" that I've been living with since June. Of course, now the damn thing is causing more pain than I had to start with - figures. And, the best part? The other end pushes on the top of my bladder, so even when I don't have a thing in there, I feel the constant immediate burning need to pee. Even more than I already did. Isn't that fun? There are literally some days when I can't stand up. And that's annoying to me - and to the Bear, who has no idea why she can't climb all over me.

Gripe the third - Braxton-Hicks. Really strong and frequent Braxton-Hicks. Like every time I stand up, bend over, cough, sneeze, change positions in bed, etc. Have been having them since 15 weeks (although they just keep getting stronger and more frequent). They're not painful, but man, is it hard to pick up a toddler when your stomach is like a rock.

Gripe the fourth - Husband is driving me crazy. He claims I can't do any housework (and rightly so - see above), and that he will "take care of things" himself. Yeah, well, his idea of taking care of things is driving me up the damn wall. Dishes never done when they should be, no laundry done at all, no cleaning accomplished whatsoever, trash and junk everywhere... All he's managed to do is overspend our monthly budget. I could have done that myself! Thanks for the "help," jackass!

Gripe the fifth - This whole flu / bird flu thing. It creeps me out how much everyone keeps fixating on it. If we're all going to die, then we're all going to die, but do they have to make everyone paranoid on top of it? Bear has had her shot, which is good, because with lungs like hers, I feel fairly confident that a bout of flu could land her in the hospital for an extended time. Grrr. Why can't we all stay healthy for five freaking minutes?!

Gripe the sixth - It's a full moon. Children are weird when there's a full moon. I may have to stay home from work until it starts to wane... it's that or beating them about the head and face with a sack full of doorknobs.

So, house a mess, Bear sick, Husband sick, me in constant pain, new baby (it's a girl) the only healthy normal one around, no time, no money, and in-laws coming for turkey day. Please, if I tell you where I live, won't you come over and shoot me now?

::end rant::


Amy said...

Oy. Just when I thought I was having a rough few days--you win!

Congrats on the second girl news--less clothes to buy, huh?

Julie said...

I had a lot of coughs like that when I was a kid -- that sucks. In my case it usually turned out to be a sinus infection -- but the antiobiotics should've helped if that was the Bear's problem.

The other things that helped the most, all of which are gonna be pretty darn tricky with a toddler:

sinus lavage (pouring water into each nostril at just the right angle so it cleans out the sinus) -- hurts like an SOB, grosser than gross -- but it works.

sleeping on her tummy -- like you have any control over how much a toddler moves in their sleep.

sleeping with head elevated -- see above.

Otherwise, I got nothin' you haven't already tried. I hope things get better for you really soon!

Jane said...

Yay for another girl - I already have all the right clothes. Although I could have sworn this was a boy, since the pregnancy is so different. So much for a woman's intuition... And girls' names are so much harder to pick!

As for the Bear - the propping up doesn't work. Last winter we tried elevating one end of the crib so that she would be on an angle - she just rolled to the bottom and got all tangled up. She's already a tummy sleeper, although there are lots of flips and flops in there, too. Most nights she's flat on her face with her butt in the air. It's kind of cute (although I hope she grows out of it before high school). And the sinus lavage? I've heard of it, but she'll barely even put up with the saline drops (which work, but make her angry). I'd have to get someone else to do it! I'm going to end up calling a specialist - Husband and I both had this problem as children. I didn't grow out of my asthma until college. But seriously, something is not right here...

Julie said...

Yeah, I kind of figured none of that would be much use to you -- but I thought I'd offer just in case.

Poor kid. And poor you.

Ninotchka said...

"Thanks for the "help," jackass!"

You nearly killed me with that gem!

I feel for you. Hang in there!

Jane said...

I'm hanging in there. Or trying. Or maybe just hanging... who can tell?

I think I'm going to train the Bear to sleep sitting up - she only coughs really badly when she lies down. (Or is it lays down? I'm an English teacher. I should know this. Goes to show how freaking tired I am - I just don't care!)