Thursday, February 02, 2006


A few random thoughts -

People who say things like "I only became a politician because I wanted to help people" are liars. And politicians. And liars.

Any president who wants to increase education funding, but only in the areas of math and science, is an idiot. We live in a society where millions of dollars are spent annually to teach college graduates how to write in complete sentences because they can't. The man himself doesn't even speak intelligible English. Should we put funding into reading and writing? No, instead, let's study the chemical makeup of this thing I found up my nose, and then, since we have all this free time and extra money, let's go to Mars...

You'd think that after so many people (well, a few at least) have gotten fired from their jobs for blogging about work, it would be a given that you shouldn't advertise your personal blog on company time. Why, then, would you add the URL to the signature at the bottom of your professional email? On purpose? Aside from the fact that you have a professional death wish...

The Bear had her 18-month checkup the other day. How normal is it for toddlers to consistently lose weight from checkup to checkup, even though they eat like pigs? She went from being in the 50th percentile for height and weight to being in the 75th for height and the 25th for weight. Should we feed her butter? Cream instead of milk?

What do you get if you have severe edema*, gain 5 pounds in less than a week, see your blood pressure go up 30 points in that same time, have unfortunate vision disturbances, protein and blood in your urine, a resting pulse over 120, and shortness of breath? Go ahead - google it.

This is turning into a repeat of last time - perhaps Thing Two will be making an early appearance?**

*Seriously, though, my ankles have muffin tops. They leak out over the tops of the lace-up shoes I've been forced to wear to work every day because nothing else will fit. If you are kind to me, I will post a picture of this truly disgusting phenomenon for your amusement.

**Not that it would bother me in the least. I'm so ready to get this baby and this kidney stone out of here... I want to sleep on my stomach! Well, really, I would be happy just to sleep. Ha. Ha ha!


Julie said...

Yeargh about sums it up, I guess. What's your "official" due date? I sure hope it's soon enough that you don't have to live through too much more of this!

Rebekah said...

Well, in my case it got be an emergency C-Section at 35 weeks and a diagnosis of HELLP Syndrome.

Seriously, that doesn't sound good. Are you doing o.k.? What did your doctor say??

Please, I'm sure you already know this, but if you get a headache or start feeling nauseous or your vision starts going funny, call your OB immediately. Pleeeaase.

Jane said...

"Official" due date is 3/5/06. I'm shooting for Valentine's Day or sometime after that. If I manage to hit 38 weeks, I'm going to start eating curry for dinner every night, walking to work, having as much sex as I can convince Husband to have (not much, and it involves arm twisting), and whatever else I can think of.

Doctor / midwife say: a very routine case of preeclampsia, just like my last pregnancy, although this one doesn't seem to be complicated by the complete lack of platelets that troubled the last one (although I didn't really fall into the HELLP category, either.)

The Bear was induced at 38 weeks, and my money says that may happen again with this one, or even 36 or 37 if my protein levels are too high. My kidneys weren't functioning to start with, so that's what concerns them most, I think. We'll see.

Meanwhile, think baby thoughts! (And easy second labor thoughts while you're at it!)