Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Well, the Mouse is a week old today. In that time, she has:

*had 7 separate heel sticks to test her bilirubin levels
*spent 4 days under high-intensity phototherapy lights
*eaten about every three hours, give or take, for an average of 30 minutes per feeding
*had 42 poopy diapers
*been poked and prodded and kissed an infinite number of times by the Bear (note to Bear: eye poking *bad*)
*had 3 baths (the most recent about an hour ago after an explosive diaper - now to change my sheets and apply stain remover to her jammies)
*choked (once) because I neglected to take the edge off the... well, fire hose before I nursed her. Milk is here with a vengeance. I could pressure wash my house with this supply, but only if I wanted it to be really sticky, I suppose. Hopefully it will regulate soon!

In the meantime, I have:

*cooked dinner (complete with main course, salad, and sides) while nursing the entire time (note to self: must dig out sling from pile of crap upstairs)
*gotten 5 consecutive hours of sleep on more than one occasion (I think)
*become anemic from all the blood loss at her delivery (there was a *lot* of blood lost) and consequently very lethargic. Iron = good!
*managed to feed both children and myself at the same time
*soiled 3 shirts and a set of sheets with leaking milk. Yesterday's shirt had a 4" wet spot on the front that I didn't notice until the Bear patted it and said, "Mommy milk." Oops.
*cried on no less than 10 separate occasions - a card from my midwife, a call from the pediatrician, random moments on the couch...

Still, we're all rubbing along tolerably well. Let's see if it lasts!


Julie said...

Maybe I'm reading too much into your writing, but it sounds like you feel better than you did a few weeks ago! I hope that's true.

I also hope you all get a chance to rest and recover -- it sounds like you need it!

Has your kidney stone problem been taken care of, too, or do you still have that to look forward to?

Jane said...

Oh, I still have at least one round of the thing where they break it up with sound waves (lithotripsy? sp?) if not two rounds. The damn thing is a full inch in diameter now.

However, the amount of pressure on my kidney that was relieved by having the baby is a beautiful thing. I didn't realize how badly it hurt until she came out and it quit hurting!

And yeah, I am feeling better. A touch of the blues some days, perhaps, but much better overall.

Julie said...

An INCH!? I think my kidneys just shriveled up in fear. You're a hero.