Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Oh frabjous day!

Callooh! Callay!

This morning, I put the Mouse on her tummy in my bed, because that's how she sleeps. (Don't say it. I see you thinking it.) She gave a little kick, and rolled right over on her back! I thought it might have been an accident, so I rolled her back over on her tummy again, and she rolled right back over onto her back!

Then, downstairs, I put her on her back in her little baby gym thing. She twisted and turned and rolled almost completely over on her tummy. Her arm gets stuck, which is a fairly common hangup at first, but she rolled! Both ways!

Just now, I fed her, and she was fussing afterwards because it's her naptime. So I took her and laid her down in her crib and covered her up and walked away. She cooed and kicked for a few minutes, and then... nothing. I laid her down AWAKE and she went to sleep on her own. At three months! Now *that* is a milestone I can get behind.

Both kids sleeping. At the same time. I'm going to go swiffer my floors! (Or "swifter" them, as my MIL says).

Also, I called an acquaintance of ours (she's seven months pregnant and bored as hell) and invited her out with me and the girls on Friday. Adult interaction!

And tonight? For dinner? I'm making fajitas! And rice! And beans! Because I am really ambitious! And I love my husband! Or, because I feel guilty for making him go get his manly bits sliced up tomorrow!

Yay! We will no longer be a threat to overpopulation!

I am burbling in my joy.

I hope that's not just the drugs talking...


Julie said...

*Performs virtual dance of joy* (I'd do a real one, but my coworkers would wonder....)

Amy said...

Yay for good days!

Leo's rolling too (today he went 4 times in a row, going about 6 feet in the process. eek) but still awake at 10:45pm after an hour of trying to get him down. Maybe Mouse can give him some hints.

Jane said...

Yeah, Mouse rolled off the couch today - on Husband's watch, not mine. He caught her, but was she ever scared!

As for the sleep - I am blessed with good sleepers. They inherited that from their father, who can sleep through the phone, the alarm, tornado sirens, my elbow in his ribs, and, of course, a baby's cries. The Bear has been sleeping through the night since 3 months, and she goes down to bed with just a kiss and a story. And Mouse is only getting up once between 10 and 5, if that. And they nap like champs! I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I'm grateful!