Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Voices

In the car tonight:

Me, trying to answer one of the Bear's convoluted "why" questions. I'm blithely explaining things, when she:

Stop Talking!

Me, ignoring the rudeness, talking away, when again...

I'm Talking!

Me: Oh, I'm sorry. Did you say something? I wasn't...

Let! Me! Talk!

Geez, fine, Cruella.

Thirty seconds of dead silence ensue.

Her: Oh, wait! I forgot! I didn't have anything to say! ::giggles uproariously::

I can't decide if I think it was funny or obnoxious. Since she's three, I'm going for funny.


It's snowing outside. The first real good snowfall of the year. It's falling thickly and silently past the streetlights - no wind, falling straight down. It's absolutely gorgeous - the whole world is muffled and soft, the edges blurred. At five thirty tomorrow morning, I'm going to be cursing it to the ends of the earth, but right now, it's just perfect.

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