Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Welcome to the jungle...

Where to begin? This is my first foray into blogland, though I've been surreptitiously lurking and obsessively reading the blogs of others for quite some time now. I was seduced by the sense of community that so many people online seem to share. I've been searching for a place to feel that lovely sort of closeness for some time now, so... here I am. A bit about myself -

I am a twentysomething (cannot bring myself to label... myself... as a Gen-Xer) public school teacher living in the middle of ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE, five hundred miles from family, friends, and decent restaurants. I've been married for almost two years now to a delightful man (bit of a writer himself), whose fault it is entirely that I am now living in the middle of a cow pasture. Thank god the sex is good, or I would have bailed during the first winter.

The realio, trulio love of my life is nine months old at the moment, and currently in possession of only four teeth. She is affectionately known as Bear, because she is small, and fuzzy, and growls rather a lot.

I hope (devoutly, fervently, oh-please-for-the-love-of-all-that's-good-and-holy) that this blog will turn out to be a place where people stop by with whom I can discuss my thoughts on parenting, teaching, life in america (such as it is), and whatever else happens to come up. Some days, you feel the need to talk to someone intelligent after 9 hours spent with 16 year olds at work and a 9 month old at home.

(Note: I'm not desperate for *intelligent* conversation as such - anything will do. I'm perfectly willing to share my recipe for the perfect meatloaf or discuss why exactly it is that "The West Wing" sucks so abominably badly of late.)

At any rate, my life is a series of well-choreographed accidents, and I'm just along for the ride. So please, come talk to me, lest I be forced to discuss literature with my neighbor's goat (again).

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