Tuesday, June 07, 2005

New blog...

As though moving my entire house wasn't enough, I decided to move my blog. For reaons best left unspecified, I might add. Suffice it to say that I was irritated with the "redesign" at my old site and their newer, better, easier, higher, faster, stronger, whatever update majorly Sucked. So, I packed my baggage and moved over here. ::lays out own Welcome Mat::

I figured it would be easier to move previous posts and just post them over here, rather than linking to them. However, none of the comments came along with them, so now I look like the hideously unpopular geek that I am. I promise, they were there, really! Now they are Lost Forever to the great black hole in the sky, where all the good comments go when they die.

On the Bear front, I discovered a new tooth coming in after this afternoon's nap. That makes three, if you're counting along with me. No wonder she's so, um, temperamental lately.

Conversation overheard in my kitchen this morning:

Me: Hi there, Bear! Do you want some cereal for breakfast?

Bear: [quite distinctly] No.

Me: [incredulously] Well, then, would you prefer a banana?

Bear: No.

So, people, my child's vocabulary has expanded to include "no." Just when you thought it was safe... I'm assuming that she picked this up from me, since I always seem to be telling her no. "No, Bear, you can't eat the cardboard." "No-no, that's not for Bears!" "No, Bear, that hurts Mommy." I say thousands of words to her every day, and the one she picked up was "no?"

I have such bad karma.


Amy said...

Peter doesn't say the word no, but he shakes his head--I think I liked it better when he couldn't.

Jane said...

"No," "Dad," "uh-oh," and "octopus" is the extent of the Bear's vocabulary. I'd like to swap "no" for "mama," but no dice!

Julie said...

My daughter only shakes her head, too, but there's no guarantee that it actually means "no." Usually our conversations are something like "Do you want more milk?" [She shakes her head vigorously, and Mama takes away the milk. Crying commences until the milk is returned.]

How on earth did the Bear learn "octupus?"

Jane said...

She has a stuffed toy octopus (that's Mr. Octopus to you!) and when we play I always call him by name. I'm big into identifying things by name so she'll learn what they are. One day, Husband was like, "Bear, say oc-to-pus" and lo and behold, she said it!

I don't think she knows what it means, though.