Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Dickens

In an attempt to savor the last few days of my summer vacation (I go back to work on Monday), I've been reading Dickens. Great Expectations, to be exact. I know that I'm a huge dork, but I really do love Dickens*. The way he paints his characters is so interesting to me, and his insight into Victorian society is piercing. Plus, he's just funny. Laugh out loud, rolling on the floor funny. When I was in college, my roommates would come home to find me laughing aloud at a novel, and without fail it was always Dickens. They thought I was nuts. But when there are books like those in the world, I remember why it is that I *have* to teach. It's so important that people read. Not necessarily Dickens - anything will do. Reading has gotten me through many of the toughest times in my life - it's a joy and a solace. Kids today are so wrapped up in video games and computers, they don't always take time to read. It's just so important - someone has to show them the pleasure and the benefits to be derived from a good book. Yay for having a calling in life!

I am getting a bit sad about leaving the Bear again, though. She and I have gotten very attached to one another this summer. I haven't been anywhere without her, and when I went up to school to do some work yesterday, leaving her home with her daddy, I really missed her. I was so excited to see her when I came home. Still, I get antsy when cooped up inside the house without socialization for too long, and she really enjoys being around people her own age and size. I know she enjoys daycare - and I enjoy my work. It's just hard to be apart. There are never enough hours in the day, it seems.

I'm 10 weeks 3 days pregnant today - definitely a little more... voluptuous than five weeks ago. I can still button my jeans, but there's a definite muffin top, or mushroom cap, or whatever you like to call that sexy little roll of fat that hangs over the top. Still, at 10 weeks last time around, I couldn't button my pants, so this is an improvement. I'm trying to control the eating this time - I just get so. damn. hungry. I can't help myself! Plus, I have to eat every three hours, max, or else my blood sugar drops and it's not pretty... so, what with the natural hunger and the enforced snacking - I'm guessing I've added at least five pounds already. We'll see what the scale at the midwife's says later today.

*Incidentally, why is it that there is always a rag and bone shop in every Dickens novel? What is the precise purpose of that illustrious British institution?


Julie said...

Bummer about going back to work! *Sigh* The summers always seem so long in May, and then it's August before I've spent a single day at the beach.

Jane said...

Actually, I like going back to work. Granted, the Bear has a cute little swimsuit that she's never worn, and I have no tan whatsoever, and I accomplished precisely none of the things I had on my "summer to-do list." At work, it seems like I accomplish things. Today, for example, I put up my bulletin board! When at home, I tend to stagnate. Who knows why...