Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lightning never strikes...

in the same place twice.

Unless you're me.

Today, I melted my second breast pump. Once again, I put it on to boil for just a minute. Once again, I wandered off and forgot what the hell I was doing. The caveat? This pump - it wasn't mine. No, it was the electric loaner from a friend.

That's ok, though. The Mouse has conveniently altered her feeding schedule. I nurse her before I leave for work at 6:30, once when I come home at noon for lunch, and again after work at 3 or 3:30. She will take one ounce from a bottle in the morning, and one ounce from the bottle in the afternoon. (God bless you, slow-flow nuk nipples!) And then she will nurse. all. night. long.

However, I've been pumping twice a day, just to keep up supply, etc. It's kind of silly - I pump one breast in the morning, get maybe four ounce, and make four one-ounce bottles, which is enough for two days. I pump the other one in the afternoon, same story. I can make four days' worth of bottles in one day. I know she's not eating enough while I'm gone, but she's perfectly content, according to Husband. I haven't seen her fuss once since I went back to work. She's just conveniently decided to take in all her calories at night. From 7-10 she grazes like a wild billygoat, the silly thing.

So, tomorrow will be a no-pump day. I can't wait to see how gigantic and sore my boobs are by the end of the day. You know those lumpy, rock-hard, day-old scones you see at St@rbucks? That will be me! (Minus the blueberries.)

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Julie said...

Whoops! If you're planning to return to the world of pumping, you should get some of those microwaveable steam-clean bags (Medela makes them; probably you can get them elsewhere too). *End assvicey advertisement.*

I'm glad the Mouse figured out a way to deal, although I'm sorry it's such an exhausting one for you.