Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm ready for my Mother Of The Year award now

Things my children managed to accomplish while unattended this weekend:

1. Stripping naked and smearing self with vaseline (Bear)
2. Eating crayons - yes, more than one crayon! (Mouse)
3. Playing with plastic bags from the grocery (both)*
4. Using 52 baby wipes to "wipe my bottom" while allegedly taking a nap (Bear)
5. Sleeping through the night! (Mouse)

I rock this parenting gig. *Your* children should be so lucky.

*Shut up. It keeps them occupied while I unload the groceries.

1 comment:

Ninotchka said...

#5 is keen! Anna Sofia hasn't done it again since she did it a few times before our vacation. Waaa.