Friday, September 08, 2006

Telling it like it is

Saw this and thought - hey, I could do that. It's easier than pretending things are great.

1. I compare my kids. When I do, one or the other always comes up short.

2. I never finish a cup of coffee. Ever. I try and try, but something else always gets in the way, and it's cold before I get to the end.

3. Students with learning disabilities scare me. I don't know how to talk to them - I've never been able to figure out how to explain things so that they can understand them. It makes me realize I'm not as good at my job as I think.

4. I am downright mean to my husband sometimes, and generally bitchy to him the rest of the time. I do it because I really wish he paid more attention to me and my needs, but instead of talking about it, it's easier to push him away.

5. When I think about school, I think I did well because people always told me I was smart. I'm terrified to go back and discover that I'm really as dumb as I feel most days. I feel like a fraud.

6. I haven't managed daily showers since I got married. At best, maybe three times a week. It's just impossible around here.

7. I call my mother almost every day. It's not that I want to talk to her that badly - it's that I have no one else to call.

8. I love my kids, but I love them more when they're sleeping.

9. I'm afraid to talk to doctors.

10. Nine days out of ten, I feel like my life has no purpose, and I'm just going through the motions.


Amy said...

From number 4 on, I'm right with you. Taking frustrations out on husband? Yup. School? I never did really learn how to study--I remembered just long enough to get to the test. Daily showers? ha ha ha ha. I too call my mom for lack of other options. And those sleeping babies are so much easier to love. And sometimes these days just keep going by and don't seem to matter.

Jane said...

You know? That makes me feel a little better. Thanks!

Ninotchka said...

I keep reading these posts and saying "I don't need to do my own...THESE are ME." Seriously, I can relate to almost every single one. You, my friend, are not at all alone.


doc-t said...

ARRGGHHHH curse you eblog!!!

I just typed up a long comment and blogger ate it... So i'll just make this a quick one.

I LOVE this post!!!! Flat out love it!

Number four speaks volumes and quite honestly, I think all married men should read it!!!!

We (men in general) like to communicate with direct, clear, unmistakable statements.

Women, on the other hand are more intuitive. You're hoping (I think) that he'll pick up on how you feel by your actions... and he's probably thinking you're just stressed and tired but you're okay with him because you havent said anything....

about the post over all... It is so nice to see someon who can be completely honest about what they really feel...

Parents should not compare their kids.. but they do.

many of us are so busy we wake up behind schedule and yes, we're forever sipping cold coffee...

I do love this blog. I recently deleted my blog but i think i'm going to put it back up and definitely linking to this page...

and i'm going to suggest this link to those who visit. Keep on talking it mom!!!!

Jane said...

Hmmm... apparently I'm not the only one whose life is less than picture perfect. Somehow, that's comforting. Thanks for the backup, guys.

Oh, and doc-t - of course I'm hoping he'll pick up on what I'm feeling and projecting. All women wish their husbands were mind-readers. And then, when they don't, we get pissed at them. They can't figure out why, we think they should know, and the cycle perpetuates itself.