Thursday, December 21, 2006

What do you do while you're cooking?

It's such mindless work sometimes, I stand there in the kitchen and have way too much time to think. I will confess to composing impromptu situational haiku in my head while I'm working. Tonight:

Oh, the tedium,
Peeling, chopping potatoes -
Make your own damn soup.

And then, later:

Your recipe for
Coffeecake has too much crumb.
Why so dry, Martha?

What do you do while you're cooking?


Ninotchka said...

You know? I hadn't given it much thought 'til you mentioned it. I have a feeling I'll be haiku-ing soon, thanks to you. I think I'm usually chatting with Guy or on the phone.

Julie said...

Not necessarily while I'm cooking, since the Jellyman's been doing most of that, but I pick imaginary fights when I'm doing something that allows my mind to wander.

In real life I prefer peace to confrontation of any kind, but in my head I really rip into the people who wrong me or get on my nerves. Healthy, right?

Great haiku!

Jenn said...

I looooved these. What is it about haiku that is fundamentally funny? Shhh. Don't tell the person who invented the haiku.