Thursday, August 09, 2007

Call to Arms

I have much to say, but first, I have a favor to ask.

If you haven't already, stop eating at McDonald's.

More than once, in my biweekly cross-country roadtrips, I've stopped in a McDonald's along the road to get a quick bite and use the restroom. For those of you who've taken roadtrips with small children, you know how all-important this feature is. I don't like their food, and I don't like their company, but sometimes, in the middle of Kansas, there's just nowhere else to stop and eat.

More than once, in my visits to McDonald's, I have encountered a public restroom with no changing facilities. Now, I have a small child who still wears diapers, and I'm never the only mom with small children in the restaurant. Now, you tell me:

Why would a restaurant that professes to be family-friendly, a restaurant that gears its advertisements toward children, a restaurant that offers Happy Meals and PlayPlaces, a restaurant that sponsors Sesame Street, for Pete's sake, NOT have a changing table? Do they think that kids will never come to their restaurant? Do they not realize that they're alienating their key market - moms with small children?

So, in my righteous anger, I'm boycotting. I refuse to ever patronize another McDonald's. A place that so obviously undermines its family-friendly image by ignoring the needs of families doesn't get my money, ever. I've asked my family to do the same, and now I'm asking you.

If you still eat there, please stop. If your friends and family still eat there, please ask them to stop. Tell them why. Tell them to file a complaint - I did. Send them here. Post this on your blog. Spread the word however you can. I don't ask for much, people, but this really burns me up. DON'T GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY! THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR FAMILY! Sorry for the yelling, but I'm mad.

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