Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I would just like to put this out there into the Universe. I hate two and a half. Hate. It. Two and a half is pure evil. Well, not pure. There are tiny bits of joy mixed in there, like sprinkles on ice cream. But, in your average daily spoonful, you only get a few sprinkles, and a great big mouthful of ice cream. Shit-flavored ice cream. Poisonous, soul-crushing, shit-flavored ice cream.

If you know of a way to get a two and a half year old to A) sleep, or B) listen, please, for the love of all that is good and holy, let me know. Throw me a frickin bone here. I'm dying. And I've done this before! I should be good at it! But no. The children, they are different. And not in good ways, either.



Ninotchka said...

This was me with Elle. My most difficult child thus far (Anna Sofia may win the title yet...she sure is making an honest run of it). No advice. It just passes and one day you realize you like your kid again and boy does that ever feel good!

AmyRobynne said...

30-33 months is definitely my least favorite age. Peter spent the whole three months thrashing his 6 month old brother and I cried all the time. We almost started seeing a therapist over the behavior and then it calmed down. At 2 3/4 he suddenly was into puzzles and Legos and games and didn't need to hurt people anymore.

Leo tries to see what he can get away with, constantly. Twisting into curtains, climbing the furniture, running away or out of the house. So, so frustrating.

They do play together beautifully 75% of the time now. And I love hearing everything Leo has to say. But I'm ready to be past 2.5.

Anonymous said...

my daughter turns 2 tomorrow. Its like watching myself when I get PMS. She is so gentle and kind then wack I get slapped in the face. Literally.

I chose the ignore approach. It often works. When the behaviour starts I don't respond. She wants me to respond. She wants a fight. So I show leadship by staying calm and not engaging with her during her PMS moment/s/s/s/s. I mentally switch off. Took practice. Mantras like " I am calm and at peace" helped.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah and just for the record I am not mother of the year. My child who turns two tomorrow can already say two very bad words clearly and concisely and in the correct context...i.e in public..she learnt those on the days the mantras didn't work.

Julie said...

There was just an article in Parents magazine about how the 1/2 ages are often so much worse than the time around kids' birthdays. So 18 months sucks, but 2 is ok, and then 2 1/2 sucks, etc. It's been roughly true for us -- or at least it's true that a couple of bad months are always followed by good.

Unfortunately, it means that I have 0 ideas about getting through the crappy times. So far all I can claim to have done is live through them.