Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Warm fuzzies

Went in today to see the midwife who may end up being *my* midwife. She's divine. So warm, and personable, and competent, and concerned, and understanding. I had to hug her. She had heard the story of me chasing yesterday's doctor with flaming pitchforks, and said she didn't blame me a bit. I have the right to a practitioner who will actually listen to me.

She, too, suspects a kidney issue. She thinks, perhaps, a stone. We'll see what the renal ultrasound says.

I am spotting today. 7 weeks 2 days, which is, coincidentally, exactly how long my last pregnancy lasted. So, I am hideously paranoid about this, mostly due to the freaky timing and the fact that this is how it started last time. However, the goddess who is my midwife took a peek and says that the blood appears to be coming from the *outside* of the cervix, which is raw like a skinned knee, and not from the inside, which still appears tightly closed, which is how we like it. So, too much information about my cervix, I know, but intriguing none the less. This is turning into "All About My Uterus," which was not my intention. Still, I'm a bit preoccupied with the thing at the moment. *This* baby needs to stay put!

So, in summary:

Day Two of the Taco Bell watch. Still no sign of nacho-y goodness. I am sad. But,

I Heart My Midwife.

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Julie said...

Huzzah for the midwife! Now, about the Taco Bell, because that is truly alarming....