Thursday, July 07, 2005

"What I did on my summer vacation," by Jane

First off, thank you to Julie for making my day! Ha ha - country music! What a freak! (Now I don't feel so bad about myself - see how that works!) Everybody else must not be as weird as we are... or not willing to share it!

So, the Bear and I have emerged relatively unscathed from a week spent with Grandma and Grandpa. Wow, do those people like babies. Totally normal people seem to be incapable of speaking English when my child is around. It would be funny if it wasn’t so weird. They were literally unable to function normally – it was baby this and baby that, 24/7. I miss being able to carry on a conversation with them. Still, I’m glad the Bear has two sets of grandparents who completely adore her. She’s luckier than many babies who have no grandparents at all. But oh, the spoiling…

Our first night was a little rough, since the Bear was in an unfamiliar cave, and we ended up just letting her cry herself to sleep. It was the only way she was going to go – and after that, she slept like a dream the whole time.

We made jam. Lots of jam. It’s yummy!

We celebrated the fourth of July in traditional small-town fashion. We grilled out, we made homemade ice cream, we drank beer, we cursed the neighbors for setting off fireworks at ungodly hours of the day and night. We went downtown to listen to the band play “The Stars and Stripes Forever.” It was not bad at all.

I finished my massive course of antibiotics, but my stomach pain didn’t go away. It’s concentrated on the lower right-hand side, and I was a little worried that it might be my appendix or something strange like that. My doctor thought that I might have a cyst on my ovary, so he arranged for a pelvic ultrasound this Friday (tomorrow). How delightful those always are. ::grimace:: I was a bit worried that I would have to reschedule the ultrasound, because my period was due last Sunday. I did *not* want to put off fixing this problem for one moment longer than I had to. At any rate, when my period still didn’t show by Tuesday, I went out and bought a home pregnancy test, and lo and behold…

I’m pregnant.

All together now – WTF?! This is so Not The Right Time for me to be pregnant. We were planning to start trying again in the fall, ideally conceiving in August so that a new baby would be due in May, the end of the school year. This baby is due in March.* March! It’s cold in March, and slushy, and I have approximately two hundred adolescents depending on me for knowledge and enlightenment! I can’t have a baby in March! What if the sub ruins my students and the principal blames me?!

That being said, Husband and I are completely floored, but very happy. We were actually trying *not* to get pregnant at the moment, but apparently natural methods of contraception are only effective for women who have the willpower to say no when the “window of opportunity” is still open. Husband, alas, is very persuasive, and while I am stubborn about many things, this isn’t always one of them.** ::to the tune of “I’m Just a Girl Who Cain’t Say No,” from Oklahoma!:: Really, though, we were at the very end of my window, and I thought that it was highly unlikely that anything would happen. That, or I totally suck at math. I know nothing. Nothing, I tell you!

I’m still a little worried, since I have been having this abdominal pain. I’ve imagined all the horrible things it could be, and so I’m only allowing myself to be cautiously optimistic at the moment. I would like to jump with joy, but after last February, I just can’t let myself. I’m too scared. I will jump with joy in another 6 weeks or so, if I make it past the 12 week mark. I really want this pregnancy to work – I want this baby. I realize how lucky we are, to get pregnant when we’re not even trying (twice), but I’m still very scared.

Anyway, back to the summer vacation – I came home to find that Husband had done approximately none of the things I had asked him to do while I was gone. Apparently, he sat around eating hotdogs and watching the History Channel all week. I’m only moderately irritated with him, however. I missed him while I was gone. It’s odd: you never realize how much you like your husband until he’s not around every day. I need to stop taking him for granted. He’s actually not such a bad guy. Thank goodness he doesn’t read this, or we’d have to get an extra bed for his ego!

So, I go in for my ultrasound tomorrow. Hopefully nothing too serious will be wrong – maybe we’ll even get to see a glimpse of the new Bear Cub, hibernating away. ::crosses fingers::

*March 5, 2006.
**Note to self: schedule vasectomy for Husband.


Julie said...

Congratulations! (Although between you and Amy, I'm starting to wonder ....)

I can understand why you're a little freaked out; I hope the ultrasound today is reassuring!

Amy said...

Well by golly, we'll be sharing our second pregnancies after all!

It's nice having someone else take the "I can't actually be pregnant--well, I'll be darned!" route.

My edd is March 7th.

Having another March baby wasn't my ideal approach, but it's not that bad. After a month or so when you actually have the energy to leave the house, the weather gets better.

How much maternity leave will you have? 6 weeks?

Jane said...

Ultrasound - so not reassuring! (See next post for details.)

Amy - I know, I'm excited to have a "due date buddy" this time around! I am still completely shocked that we are pregnant, but I'm happy about it (or would be if I wasn't so nervous). I'll have six weeks of paid leave, although I've been contemplating taking another six weeks of unpaid leave after that, just to finish out the school year. I don't think I could do that to the kids, though. We'll have to see.