Friday, July 28, 2006


So it's naptime at our house, and I'm watching Bringing Home Baby and all the other crap that TLC shows in the afternoons. I usually keep it on in the background, etc.

Anyway, this mom has just brought her newborn* home from the hospital, and the baby was having a hard time latching on. This mom seemed like breastfeeding was something she really wanted to do, and there were no bottles around, etc. So when the baby was fussy and not eating well, she called the lactation consultant. And in my head, I'm thinking, "Good for you! Way to seek help and not just quit! Yay!" So this poor sleep-deprived new mom calls the lactation consultant, and they're showing the conversation on TV. She says, you know, the baby isn't latching well, not really sucking, etc., hasn't pooped since yesterday, what should I do?

The lactation consultant told her that she should give the baby a bottle of formula. Which she did.

Um, way to undermine a woman who was trying to do what was best for her baby in favor of taking the easy way out. What is up with that?

I was pissed on her behalf. I mean, the Bear was formula fed after three months, and she is obviously a genius, so I'm not opposed to bottles as such. But if someone really *wants* to breastfeed, and the person whose job it is to make that easier doesn't even attempt to help? That's awful.

*Who, incidentally, has the same name as Mouse! What is up with people stealing my babynames? Stop it! Right now!


Julie said...

That's bizarre. I didn't know lactation consultants were allowed to aknowledge the existance of formula.

Julie said...

acknowledge, that should be -- crap!

Amy said...

I can't watch shows on TLC. They cause me to scream and throw things--it's much better just to stay away.

That said, when Peter was 2 weeks old and refusing to nurse, I saw an LC who recommended nipple shields. Everything I'd heard and read until then suggested that nipple shields were step 1 down the slippery slope to low supply, bottle feeding, and formula. Instead, it was the critical difference we needed to get Peter latched on. He didn't need the shields after 24 hours and then nursed for 2 years, no problem. The LC did recommend pumping anytime he nursed for under 10 minutes to combat the low supply potential.

But yuck, what a sucky LC.

Ninotchka said...

EEK. I really hate to see that happen. Sadly, I've seen it many a time.