Friday, July 14, 2006

Ick. Just ick.

To you, O Internet, I bare my soul. And my carpets. Cleaning the house in preparation for Grandma's arrival (and thereby passing on my neuroses to the next generation - Mom must always think we live a perfect life, and must never see a dirty house), I give you - one week's worth of crap on my carpet.

I'm not a total slob, I promise. I am, however, both busy and lazy, and that's a pretty bad combination.

Feel free to go obsessively scrub your own floors now. I sure am.


Jenny said...

Hee. I'll see your ick and raise you a pound of cat hair. I think my daughter and my cats are in competition to see who can destroy the carpets faster.

Ninotchka said...

Does it speak ill of me if I say that it doesn't seem THAT bad? LOL

(Remember my dog is MOLTING)

Jane said...

Keep in mind that this was just a little 8x10 rug - the rest of the wood floors had other, more interesting, crap on them.

And thank goodness for no pets. My postpartum hair loss is quite bad enough, thankyouverymuch.