Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hell bent on destruction

Things my toddler has done today:

eat breakfast
drink sippy cup of two-day-old milk, found under sofa
unfold entire newly folded contents of laundry basket
fill cordless phone cradle with soy milk
unwrap a maxi pad and stick it on her head
eat lunch, refusing all foods but applesauce
distribute contents of baby wipe container around bedroom floor
unroll entire spool of toilet paper
dig in bathroom trash can
suck on the little cap thingy that covers the screws on the bottom of the toilet
eat Desitin
rip pages out of older sister's book
get bitten by older sister
eat a piece of electrical tape
remove every single pot, pan, lid, baking dish, colander, and piece of Tupperware in my cabinets
bang aforementioned pots and pans together
fill aforementioned pots and pans with raisins
stick cat in large casserole dish

It's only dinnertime here, and I've just sort of given up. I'm hanging on in quiet desperation until bedtime. It's the English way.


julie said...


I am currently hiding in the basement from my older daughter, who is driving me batsh*t crazy.

Best of luck to you.

Ann said...

I somehow made it here via Amy's blog ... my baby loves the toilet screw covers - gives me the creeps, how dirty is the base of a toiled (actually not that sure, maybe not so bad).

Hopefully after dinner was better.