Thursday, April 26, 2007


Let me propose a hypothetical scenario.

Let's imagine that somebody mailed off a resume for a promising position on Monday.

This proposition would land our fictitious resume on the boss's desk on Tuesday, perhaps Wednesday.

Let us further hypothesize that this somebody received a phone call to conduct a phone interview on Thursday.

We must of course suppose that this hypothetical somebody conducted herself spectacularly during said interview, popping of spectacularly articulate impromptu answers to job-related questions with great aplomb.

Next, our scenario involves said boss inquiring of said somebody whether or not said somebody would be attending a hypothetically critical job fair, at which said boss would be looking for prospective employees.

On our hypothetical somebody's affirmative response, hypothetically prospective employer replies...

"Oh, well, perhaps I'll see you there."

What the hell is this? Perhaps? Does she hate me? Does she want me to suffer untold agonies of mind? Is this some sort of trial by fire? Is "perhaps" the job-seeking equivalent of "let's just be friends?" Or "it's not you, it's me?" Am I overreacting?


julie said...

So, you have to do a phone interview and THEN go to the job fair? Trippy.

Maybe she's not sure if she's going? She was planning to delegate the odious job to someone else, but now that she knows you're going to be there, it might be worth the trip.

Jane said...

She *knows* it's worth the trip. I mean, it's me. I'm so ridiculously qualified, it's ridiculous. Or something.