Thursday, January 17, 2008


So, sometimes I get the feeling that I'm just a warm body in the room. I'm there, a calm, reassuring adult presence, for the sake of propriety, but nobody is actually paying any attention to me.

At school, I sometimes feel like I might as well be preaching to the wind. At home, I'm not much more than a way to get things - I can open the fridge and reach things, but that's about it.

Whatever I have to say, whether it's how to pronounce something or to stop beating your sister, falls on deaf ears. Nobody gives the slightest sign that they've heard me - bad behavior continues unabated, mispronunciation doesn't change, rules go unheeded. I could probably make an announcement regarding the apocalypse and my kids and my students would just keep right on ignoring me.

I seriously wonder what would happen if I just took a day off. If I hired someone else to stand around and say "don't do that" at random intervals, would anyone even notice that I was miles away? I might just try that this weekend.


Julie said...

Wouldn't work. They may not be listening to you, but they certainly don't want to not listen to anyone else. Mommies are both irrelevant and irreplaceable. Isn't this fun?

Melissa said...

This sounds like a book I have called, "The Invisible Woman" by Nicole Johnson.

They would totally miss you----they don't know how good they have it!