Friday, January 11, 2008

So much shit my head is exploding

In snippets, because that's the only way my brain can function right now.

It took me 87 emails among four people to secure a personal day to take my kids to the doctor next Friday. Why? Because it's the "work day" before a holiday, and we can't take those off - we have to take leave without pay. I called bullshit, and will be taking a paid regular personal day. But still. I'm not off on vacation for a long four-day weekend. I'm taking two kids for back-to-back doctors appointments. Hardly a vacation.

One of the little shits at the Bear's preschool taught her a fabulous new word this week. Pothead. As in, "Look, Mom, I'm a silly pothead!" Same kid who taught her to point her fingers like a gun. I am going to figure out which one is his mother and take her out back when I find her.

Tank is potty-training herself. I am doing nothing. She will take off her diaper herself when it's wet, and has been voluntarily going to sit on the potty at least once or twice a night. All I do is sit back and watch.

I need to do more planning for work. This week was a bit slipshod.

Boys are obnoxious. Gah. Girls equally so.

I am currently licking salt from the bottom of the popcorn bowl.

I've decided to sell a few things from around the house to raise some quick cash. I have one left kidney (sorry, no matching set - righty was a dud), two gently used children, a set of 1973 World Book Encyclopedias, 762 stuffed animals, and an orange cat. You want?

Someone told me yesterday that I looked "elegant." I've been called many things, but that was a first. Kind of nice.

The Bear clapped for me the other night when I finished her lullaby. Little baby golf clap.

The girls have finally figured out how to go to bed inn the same room at the same time. Last night we just put them down in the room together and left them, and lo and behold, they went to sleep. All night. In their own beds. Well, sure, there was a coughing fit, a drink of water, and a trip to the bathroom, but it was a success, overall.

I don't know. There's just a lot going on, and my brain seems to be working in two-second blips.

Oops. There's another one.

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Julie said...

That is a lot of shit.

Please don't let your head explode. I'm pretty sure something like that would set back Tank's potty-training progress.