Monday, March 10, 2008

Sweet and sour

Am recovering from flu/sinus infection/pneumonia triple threat long enough to share this:

The Bear has recently begun to call me "Mother." In her lispy little three-year-old voice, it comes out like "Mudder." I'm not doing this justice, but it's just the most precious thing in a long while. Seriously. I've taken to calling her "Daughter" in return, just for fun. She totally gets it.

Her sister, on the other hand? Not so sweet. She's biting. Again. She bit her sister five times over the weekend, with many more narrowly averted disasters. And today, at school, she bit two of her classmates. Yes, my kid is That Kid. The Biter. The one who probably bit your kid at daycare and made him cry.

I'm sorry.


AmyRobynne said...

Peter only briefly bit, but he was definitely THAT kid that knocked all the smaller kids down for an awfully long time. Dang, age 2 sucked. And #2 has that birthday this week. I'm hoping it's a whole lot easier without also having a newborn to deal with.

Anonymous said...

My mum told me last week my sister was a "biter" as well. She would bite me and my older brother. She did this till my mother in all her gutsy glory decided enough was enough and bit her back. On the hand. It hurt and she cried and and never did it again. Maybe wait till your not sick and try?

Ninotchka said...

Nat went through a brief biting period at that age. It'll pass. Everything does!

Julie said...

I am sick of sickness! Stupid mutant germs and their stupid resistance to medication and vaccines and all the things that are supposed to work!


(Feel better soon.)

Jane said...

My mom bit me, too, when I was that age. She swears I never bit again. Then again, I bit her first. The Tank never bites me - just everyone else, it would seem.

Also, yes, death to the damn germs already. Seriously. Someone here in Chicago died of "military tuberculosis" the other day - I don't even know what that is, but it sounds germy. Enough already!

Shania said...

I have a post saved that's on this same subject. When I get it done, may I link to this? My son has one kid in preschool who sends him home in tears. I wonder if his mother wants to know that her kid is "that kid"?