Sunday, November 09, 2008

Just Kindergarten

Almost as tiring as nonstop cleaning? Sorting though a mountain of information on the local public schools. Some factoids:

We live in Chicago. The public schools here kind of suck.

I teach in a private school. They pay me so little, I can't afford to send my own kid there. I think we call that Irony.

There are approximately ten decent "selective/gifted/whatever" public schools we could conceivably send the Bear to.

The odds of her getting accepted via the random lottery at most, or through the smart-kid testing at others, are practically nil.

Even if she does miraculously get accepted somewhere, the time lapse between when my school starts and when hers would start make the feasibility of actually getting her there nearly impossible.

Not to mention that it will be another three years, minimum, before I can get both Bear and Tank at the same school at the same time. If I could make that my school, and make one stop for the three of us, I would be thrilled. The odds of that happening are about as good as the odds of me getting back into those size 6 jeans hanging in the back of my closet.


AmyRobynne said...

Does your school give any sort of financial aid to faculty or not at all? Dan's school gives financial aid to the general public for grades 9-12 and to faculty for pre-k - 12, in addition to charging half-price tuition to faculty. So if a wife teaches there and her husband makes 100K, they'd pay 3500 for pre-k instead of the full 7K. But we only paid 1K. It was cheaper than sending him to 3 day/wk preschool somewhere else. I'm hoping they ask for 1500 or less for kindy (full tuition is 10K). That wasn't quite the full recommended amount according to the financial aid company. We've probably had to pay 400 or so extra for extra fees and uniforms (mostly used). But I do feel they made it affordable for us and they make a point of encouraging faculty to apply for their kids (he still had to do all sorts of testing).

I hope you're able to find somewhere with timing that will work!

Anonymous said...

move to australia or new zealand where they pay teachers good salaries, you get paid during the holiday period, get holidays throughout the year, and your childrens education will be free except for the 200 dollars or so donation that is only optional.