Monday, April 03, 2006

Warning! Warning!

If you are a breastfeeding mom with a hankering for Son!c (only a Midwestern thing, I think) -

do not, under any circumstances, even if someone is holding a gun or a fish to your head, succumb to the urge to sample their new peach iced tea.

Yourr previously cherubic infant willl react as though you had fed her poisoned yak blood, and will be comforted only by hours of jiggling, swaying, and devout prayer. And, perversely, by frequent nursing, which, hello? only makes her feel worse!

May the curse of all infants be upon you, Son!c. I hope someone projectile vomis into your cherry limeade selling face.


10 minutes later, and I have broken my cardinal rule of parenting. In a fit of raw desperation, I dug out a pacifier someone had given us as a baby gift for the Bear. I popped it in her mouth, and lo! Contented sucking! No flailing of limbs, writhing, wailing, or other assorted such nonsense. I hate pacifiers - we never gave one to the Bear. She sucks on her middle three fingers when she's sleepy. I think pacifiers look like little baby muzzles. And yet here is Mouse, chomping contentedly on a big blue hunk of silicone.

Maybe they're ok for emergency use only...


Julie said...

That sucks! (Ha, I'm so funny. Sucks! Get it?)

I'll be here all week. Seriously, though, I'm kind of ambivalent about pacifiers. Raisin never wanted one, so I suppose we got off easily there. But if it works, and you have a baby who just needs that extra comfort of sucking, well, what're you gonna do? We almost wanted Raisin to take it sometimes, because the alternative was that one of us had our fingers in her mouth all the time -- she had no interest in her own.

Hopefully Mouse will only need it these first few months. If you can take it away early, it might not turn into a big thing.

Jane said...

Sucks! Hahaha...

Yeah, I'm at the point where if it makes her happy, I might as well give it to her. But only when she's cranky - not for everyday use.

They say there's a sucker born every minute...

Julie said...

Good one!