Monday, February 25, 2008


Um, yeah. I think Ezra Pound must have wintered in Chicago:

Winter is icummen in,
Lhude sing Goddamm.
Raineth drop and staineth slop,
And how the wind doth ramm!
Sing: Goddamm.

Skiddeth bus and sloppeth us,
An ague hath my ham.
Freezeth river, turneth liver,
Damn you, sing: Goddamm.

Goddamm, Goddamm, 'tis why I am, Goddamm,
So 'gainst the winter's balm.

Sing goddamm, damm, sing Goddamm.
Sing goddamm, sing goddamm, DAMM.

There's a Winter Storm Warning out there right now, and I have the flu. Goddamn.


Ninotchka said...

Oh shit. Feel better, luv. Hope you don't have to miss your fun book club night! When is that?

Julie said...

That blows. February is a stupid, stupid month.

Feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

February is a beautiful month in Australasia well more precisely New colds down here or flu but we get raging stomach bugs here....nasty gastros flying all around...summer is the season for it I guess. Garlic is a great cure all if you can eat it raw on toast with marmite even better.