Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lazy Maisie

It's totally okay to eat junk food for dinner and then sit on the couch all night and eat marshmallows from the bag and watch tv, right? And to do it with your kids? Because you're tired and sad and frustrated and crampy and cold and did I mention tired and mostly just lazy?

I was complaining to my dad on the phone about how the kids are trying to kill me, and he told me that one night of utter sloth never turned anyone into a psychopath or a C student, which was comforting. But I still feel the guilt of not being a good enough mom.

Actually, I think that I feel guilty about *not* feeling guilty about it.


Anonymous said...

ah well. My weight watchers diet today consisted of 5 cream buns, four teas, one cigarette, an OJ and chippies. I will laugh my a$$ off if I lose weight this week.

Julie said...

Well, it depends. Are you watching something instructive, like CSI (science) or American Idol (music history)? Because I think that would make it OK.