Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunshine and puppies

Seriously, though, this has just been the best day. The kids are *angelic,* dinnertime and bedtime were a breeze, nobody is crying, nobody yelled... I felt the need to somehow document that it has been, overall, a great day.


Anonymous said...

Always darkest before the dawn. Tomorrow the little lovelies will do the my little possum, who slept in her bed for two weeks, then decided last night that she had to sleep in mummy bed or else....or else means tears for two hours...yes she can actually achieve this phenomenon...not consistenty of course..with breaks to ensure dehydration does not happen...she asks for water so she can "cry some more." For christ sake she is only 2.5 years. What the hell is happening at 10?

Anonymous said...

Gotta collect those good days to even the playing field a bit, yes? I'm glad you documented it. May the good times continue! As the girls get older, there will be more and more of these. ;)

Jane said...

Good lord, I hope so! We've been having such a long run of shitty times, and now two good days in a row? It's like a beautiful, perfect gift.