Sunday, May 01, 2005

The one where it's almost Monday again...

Ah, the weekend. I love the weekend. This weekend in particular was quite nice, for several reasons:

My husband actually got up with me and the Bear on Saturday (at six-freaking-thirty in the morning) and we all had breakfast and hung out together - so exciting! The Bear is a morning-baby, and she's always particularly cheerful around seven a.m. She gets that from me, since my husband is *such* a night owl.

I got to nap on both Saturday and Sunday. The nap is like the Holy Grail of my weekends - I'm always seeking it, but almost never find it. I took THREE naps this weekend. I feel so lazy (and so rested)!

My daughter HUGGED me yesterday! I don't know at what age kids start giving hugs and kisses, but yesterday she leaned forward and put her arms around mine and leaned her face on me and *squeezed*. An actual hug, like grownups give! I was so proud of her, and it just about melted my heart. Luckily, P was there to see it, and even he got a little misty. This totally makes up for her saying “dada” all the time. ::beams::

Of course, no weekend is perfect. I couldn't go five minutes without hearing about this *stupid* woman in Georgia. For the love of Pete - if you're that scared about getting married, talk to someone!!! Don't a) run away and then b) lie about it... moron! I don't think that people should go through with a marriage if the bride is so uncertain that she has to fake her own abduction. Something about that sets off the warning lights, you know? Geez...

Also, I discovered some sort of weird white bumps inside the Bear's mouth... not quite sure what that is. It's only on the inside of her cheeks, but it looks strange, and I don't like things that look strange to grow in her mouth. Also, she was particularly fussy this evening and couldn't stop sticking her fingers down her ears, which is concerning since she just got tubes put in a few weeks ago.* So, it's off to the doctor for us tomorrow - better safe than sorry.

Tomorrow it's back to school again - only 13.5 school days left until graduation. Not that I'm counting... I'm leaving my current school district and moving to a new one next year. I'm very excited about this move, but that's a long story.

Anyway, the Bear calls. I'm off to put her to bed, then put myself to bed. A happy May Day to all - if you happen to know what causes funny white mouth spots, please share!

*Yes, I know the tubes are a controversial decision in one so young. But for pity's sake, the kid was going deaf, and her eardrums burst. She had seven ear infections in four months, according to her doctor. Really, it was just one big bad ear infection that nothing could kill - she went through drops and antibiotics and who-knows-what, and finally they just stuck the tubes in. And now she can hear us.

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