Monday, April 28, 2008


I am feeling very fulfilled by today's blog-reading. I mean, come on:

Prince covering Radiohead, to die for*

Overheard in New York, which always makes me laugh, today until I cried

plus, Nino is putting out new roots.

I've been having an iffy day, and that just made it all warm and fuzzy.

In other news, I'm all kinds of worried because Tank has developed a stutter. Stammer? What's the difference?** The Tank has a stammer. A very pronounced one. It's new. It worries me.

Granted, she's two. And two months. 26 months. But still. She took off talking like crazy right around her birthday, and now she's got this going on. My theory is that her mouth can't keep up with her brain, and the discrepancy will even itself out sooner or later. It's just a little hard because her older sister is so articulate that the comparison is much more pronounced. Plus, EVERYONE is commenting on it. Grandma. Grandpa. The Bear. If I hear one more remark, I'm going to start getting really pissed. If, god forbid, this is the kind of thing that sticks around forever, I don't want her to be ashamed of it, or embarrassed about sounding different. I. Will. Not. let people make fun of my baby. Rawr. Mama Bear.

Also, I've been weaning myself off my meds (supervised carefully, duh) to see what that will be like. I'm looking for more natural, less Big Pharma-endorsed ways to fix my head. I'd love to take up running, but then I remember that I hate running. And that I suck at it. Damn.

Also in the headlines: House. Still Not Selling. Big Fat Fucking Surprise, No? Gar.

That is all.

*I would die 4 U, Prince... Well, not die, as such. Perhaps le petit mort? Oui?

**Stuttering is repeating the initial letter or sound of a word, stammering is repeating an entire word or sometimes two. Google it.


AmyRobynne said...

Leo (25.5 mo) has been stuttering when he's tired for the past month or so. He's also talking in full sentences and is almost as articulate as his brother (a full two years apart). I think you're right -- the mouth can't keep up with the brain.

Julie said...

Here is my incredibly self-serving and completely unresearched opinion: second (and in my case, third) children, especially those whose older siblings are very articulate, take longer to develop comparable verbal skills.

Useful, no?

Anonymous said...

Elle had a stammer/stutter/whatever that completely FREAKED OUT for a while there, last year (or maybe the year before). Really, I was worried. And then it totally passed which was almost just as freaky. I was just thinking about that the other day. I think it's a normal part of some kids' verbal development.