Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Today's post brought to you by the letter P

Perhaps. Perhaps not. Why not P?

P is for:

Pee (duh), and

Poop (in the...)

Potty! (can you tell what the Tank is working on these days?)(in fact, she tells me that she wants...)

Princess Panties! (which makes me die a little inside. I hate both princesses and the word "panties" with an uncontrollable loathing. dear god, how I hate them)(sigh)

Pie (blackberry, with a streusel topping instead of the second crust, just because it sounded yummy)(currently baking in the oven)(alas, to be given away to a colleague tomorrow, and not eaten all by myself while holed up in bed with a good book)

People who Piss me off (that would be just about everyone today)(probably because I have my...)

Period! (not that I don't love being in touch with my inner Goddess and all that, but it does tend to make me a little edgy, mood-wise, and totally devoid of...)

Patience (seriously. just gone. missing in action)

I could go on and on about the people who piss me off, because, seriously, the world is a hideously unfair place, and I have to spend all day teaching students who are more part of what's wrong with the world than what's right with it, which is a horrible thing to say about children, but they are rich, snobby, elitist, entitled, privileged rat bastards. Or their parents are, and are raising them to be the same. But then they have their moments, and I realize that I do like working with kids, and I do love my job, despite all the bullshit that goes along with it. I love the three boys I "punished" by making them eat lunch in my room instead of the cafeteria, who then proceeded to have a really great conversation about tolerance and fairness while missing their recess on the first nice day of the year. I love the girl I "make" come see me after school to ensure that she wrote all her assignments down in her assignment notebook, and again in the morning to make sure that she actually did said assignments. She's had all her homework done in all her classes this week, for the first time all year. I love that my students come flocking around me when they see me outside of my classroom. I love that I can play Current Events Pictionary with my homeroom* and they actually sometimes learn something besides the latest antics of the dreaded Annah-hay Ontana-May**. I don't love that I am being paid shit, absolute shit, in wages. I don't love that most of these kids have nannies who make as much as I do in a year. I don't love the fact that their parents seem to think I'm just more hired help. I don't love repeating directions 293459432857 times because nobody was listening the first time. I don't love the paperwork. I don't love the grading. I don't love the drama that tween girls inevitably surround themselves with.

Whatever. I'm sure you can all see where this is going. I love my job, I hate my job. I love my life, I hate my life. Geez. You'd think I was bipolar or something. I'm really trying to let go of the negativity. We only get this one chance at life - why spend it being pissed off? If you can control that, that is.

Pie is done - I can tell by the smells wafting through the living room.

*yes, I totally invented that game myself. What?
**AKA She Who Must Not Be Named...

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