Friday, June 15, 2007


As Julie so aptly pointed out, I haven't been very forthcoming about what's going on lately. Mostly, that's because it's all so ridiculously complicated. So, for those of you following along at home, a quick breakdown.

Currently, we are:

remodeling our three (3) bathrooms, two (2) heat pumps, one (1) roof, and one (1) lousy-ass kitchen (Husband)

living out of suitcases at both my mom's and his mom's house (girls and I)

haven't been home since January (girls and I)

planning a move back to the city we love (all of us)

looking for a new job in said city (Husband)

celebrating that I *have* a new job in said city (me!)

frantically looking for decent, affordable childcare* in said city (me)

counting the days til remodeling is done so we can put our house on the market (Husband and I)

waiting til our house is on the market so we can buy a new one in our new hometown (Husband and I)

chomping at the bit until our family can settle down and live like normal people again (me)

So, not much is happening here, I guess. In my anxiety, I've taken to extended bouts of insomnia, compulsive plucking of hair, and making jam. Oh, and random shouting of obscenities. Yeah. I totally handle stress well.


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julie said...

You use words like "complicated" and "stress." Understatement, no?

I'm so glad a move is in the works, though. I know you've wanted that for a long time. I am sending good jobby and daycare-y thoughts your way!