Thursday, June 21, 2007


For the first time ever, the girls and I actually had an enjoyable roadtrip together yesterday. Some highlights:

Bear, singing to a tune of her own devising:

I can do whatever I want!
I need my baby sister every day
I think about the things I want
I think about the things I need
Things I want and need
Need and want
Like cars and trucks and planes!

"Look, Mom! The toilet is eating my poop! Eat it all!"

An in-depth discussion of the various types and structures of watertowers

An explanation of the inner workings of giant power-generating windmills

An impromptu roadside snack at a very sketchy gas station

A dusky drive through a hollow filled with fireflies (so cool!)

"Mom, I'm sooooo happy" (while sitting in the carseat around hour 10 or 11)

Talk about why it is day and why it is night, including the sun standing still and the Earth rotating

A strange penguin toy

87 verses of "The Wheels on the Bus"

Lots of laughs, and not much crying

13 hours of girl time


Anonymous said...

I know you probably didn't mean it to be, but this is a perfect Love Thursday post!

I'm seriously impressed. The phrase "hour 10 or 11" made me weak in the knees. Glad you all enjoyed!

Jane said...

Truly, it was a really nice day. I usually get so stressed out going on a roadtrip with the girls, and they're all cranky and mad. Yesterday was the first really good one we've had (and we've had a lot). I think it bodes well for the future - the older we get, the better the roadtrips. I hope.