Thursday, June 14, 2007


Cute skirt that hides tummy bulge: $28

Slinky black shirt to match cute skirt: $16

100 sheets of computer paper, 50 envelopes, and 58 stamps*: $35.62

Two boxes of fine quality resume paper for job fair: $16

Gas for 12 round trips to the city for job fairs and interviews: $97

Bandaids for blisters acquired through an unfortunate choice of footwear at the job fair: $6

Three month supply of anxiety medication: $30**

Four copies of both undergrad and grad school transcripts: $10

Bottle of Tums: $3

Gainful employment in my new home town: Priceless, to the tune of $241.62.

*8 went through the washer
**God bless my HMO


julie said...

new home town? gainful employment?

These sound like positive things! Tell us more when you can!

Jane said...