Saturday, June 02, 2007


Girl One: Gee, sis, I'm totally digging your vocal music practice. That whole off-key nasal fake-falsetto thing is really working for you.

Girl Two: Oh, my God!! It's, like, I know! I totally want to be a Broadway star. I rock.

Girl One: Yes, yes you do. A very sedimentary rock, if I do say so.

Girl Two: Huh?

Girl One: Hey, do you know what I love best?

Girl Two: My totally rockin' rendition of seriously creepy Jesus-love songs?

Girl One: Yes! Those! Especially when you sing them when my two daughters are Trying to Freaking Sleep! Bitchin'.

Girl Two: ::stares blankly::

Girl One: ::eyeballs explode::

1 comment:

julie said...

Hmmmm. Would've been more useful if your eardrums had exploded.

Maybe if she keeps it up....