Saturday, November 03, 2007


Always one of my favorite numbers, mostly because most people are "afraid" of it, which I think is stupid.

Anyway, this meme, taken from a variety of places, even though I haven't been tagged, just because I like it, and also because I haven't left the house all day (sick Bear), ergo no commuting pictures.

13 Bloody Good Words, Without Which The World Would Not Be Nearly As Nice A Place To Live (in no particular order):

1. defenestrate - I love the fact that there's a whole separate word just for throwing someone out a window. Because you couldn't just say "He got thrown out a window." Well, you could. But it sounds so much cooler to say "He was defenstrated." Oh, yeah.

2. vile - so very descriptive. I love the way it sounds when you say it. Very emphatic.

3. frumious - a la Lewis Carroll, of course. A made-up word on his part, but one to which co-workers and I have given a case-specific meaning. A "frumious bandersnatch," in the Jabberwocky sense, is some sort of terrible beast. However, given the way that "bandersnatch" sounds very similar to something nasty you could call a woman of a particular temperament, we've co-opted "frumious" as a code word for "bitchy."

4. undulate - once upon a time I had a director who would always yell at us for crossing behind the backstage curtain. If you weren't careful, the curtain would very gently wave, and the audience could tell you were back there, which pissed her off to no end. And she would always catch us doing it during rehearsal and call out "The curtain is undulating!" I love the sound of "undulate."

5. fizzle - I like the onomotopoetic aspect of it, and also its variety of uses. Just cool.

6. existential - whenever I was having a hard time back in high school or college, I always used "existential crisis" as my explanation. It seems so... elemental.

7. wrath - so much better than plain old anger. I mean, come on.

8. um...

Well, this one may have to be continued tomorrow. I'm seriously brain dead, and the turning back of the clock only means that Tank is going to wake up at 5 instead of 6. Yay.


AmyRobynne said...

Yeah, fall back time is a lot suckier with kids, isn't it?

Slice of Pink said...

Fizzle! A bloody good word indeed!

Visiting from NaBloPoMo!

Jane said...

Oh, the end of DST is killing me. But Yay! I've been Randomised!