Sunday, November 25, 2007

Let Us Break Bread Together

Screw Thanksgiving. Our meal was mediocre at best, salvaged only by a store-bought (!) pie.

On our anniversary-esque-outing-getaway, we Ate. A lot. And lo, it was good.

On the menu:

a real Greek salad
fish and chips
*real* beer
eggs florentine with bacon, spinach, and fresh tomatoes
pancakes with warm cinnamon cream

Also on the menu:

sleep. and sex. and more sleep. real estate window shopping, and the first real snow of the year, not to mention the world's weirdest piano guy. He was like a Piano Man gone bad wedding DJ. It was the funniest shit ever. He actually didn't sound too bad so long as you didn't look at him. But if you looked at him, he made Little Richard look like he was sitting still. The mouth shapes and the faces... it was awesome.

So, anyway, it's back to the usual grind tomorrow. But it was a nice respite for a day.

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