Thursday, November 08, 2007


Some people call them parent-teacher conferences. I call them affirmations of how kick-ass I am. Who doesn't want a chance to sit in your own room and have people come in to tell you how fabulous you are? Just another reason that my job rocks.

I had many pleasant things to say, and many pleasant things said to me. Even the tough things I had to say were quickly and easily done. Good time had by all. And, for icing on the cake, the one conference I was dreading (Hi, Lady - You're Batshit Crazy!) was a no show, so I didn't even have to break the bad news there. All in all - a success.

Of course, I'm tired as all hell, and I haven't seen the kids since 5:30 this morning, but I'm off at noon tomorrow, so I'm going to try to do something fun with them, if they're not super-sick still. What I can do with two sick kids and no money in 40 degree weather? I'm drawing a blank on this one - any thoughts?

There. That was a little more positive than the last two days. I am nothing if not uplifting.

You're welcome!


Mrs. G. said...

This does sound like a good day. Glad you got the gift of a no show.

AmyRobynne said...

Must be a crazy day for teachers everywhere -- my husband was up all night entering grades (umm, procrastinate a bit there?) and then had to do a presentation at the (prep school's) open house in the evening.

As for activities -- do you have leaves to rake? We're trying to make the most of the days when we don't need mittens and big piles of leaves are oh so fun. How about finger painting? Do they like to help cook? Maybe make play dough?

Jane said...

It was a lovely day. I'm planning to rake some leaves - they all decided to fall off at once yesterday!