Thursday, November 15, 2007


Kids mumble. Did you know that? They slur their words together. They can turn an entire sentence into two syllables. True story.

In class, a particularly bad mumbler wanted to answer a question. He kept yelling "Me! Me! Cago?! Cago?!"

Note the first: the phrase "me cagó" roughly translates as "I shat myself."

Note the second: I finally figured out that he was saying "Can I go?"

Note the third: I have a native speaker in that class.

Note the fourth: We were laughing our asses off and nobody else could figure out what was so funny. They must have missed that particular vocabulary list. Highly inappropriate, very funny. Especially from this kid.

On a totally different note, how many damn times did John Edwards use the phrase "Bush, Cheney, and the Neocons" during tonight's debate*? One too many for my taste, that's for sure. Four years ago I found him mildly interesting. Now he's just annoying.

There was something else, but lord knows what it was. My brain is fried. For the first time in a while, I'm not so much looking forward to getting up and going to work tomorrow. I just want to curl up in bed with a bottle of Nyquil.

*Not a debate. It's a forum. A debate has two sides, not eight. Quit calling it a debate, Anderson Cooper. You know you were already on my shit list. Get it? Shit list? This post has a theme. Awesome.


Julie said...

"Debate" also implies an honest exchange of opinion, something that seems lacking in both Democratic and Republican circles, at least among the front-runners. Because being a front-runner automatically means you have to stop talking in case you piss someone off.

Jane said...

Honest? In a political debate? I'd pay big money to see that one day.

No clue who I'm supporting right now. Who can I hate least?