Monday, November 26, 2007

Working Girl

Good God, but it's hard to get back in the swing of things after a five-day holiday weekend. Work was an absolute madhouse today. As in, I'm talking Bedlam, break out the straightjackets, where's my soma? fucking sideshow.

I had, in no particular order, tears, vomit, YouTube, and detention. What's that you say? Your day was more interesting than that? Doubtful.

I showed this video to my homeroom today, mostly to mock their shitty taste in music, but also because it's freaking hilarious if you've heard the original song.

Then someone puked all over her desk and papers during first period. The funny thing was, nobody noticed until about five minutes later, after she had jumped up and run out. We just sort of kept on going, and finally someone was all, like, um, not to disturb class, but she puked on her desk. I managed to clean it up and keep us mostly on track, which was impressive to me. Stealth vomit.

Then I made a poor boy cry because he couldn't finish his quiz in time. How is it my fault if he spends half his time staring out the window instead of focusing on his quiz. Right? You can lead a horse to water...

THEN some little shit who's not even in my class thought it would be funny to lean on the door so that I couldn't open it when I went to let my class in. I let him plead his case with the Head - I was ready to beat him about the head with a sack full of doorknobs.

Plus, I had "the talk" with my favorite group of girls, all of whom I adore and would cheerfully adopt, but who tend to fixate on all the small details and nitpick everything to death. I had to tell them that they waste too much time obsessing and not learning new material. They decided it was the breakup talk, and that I was dumping them. It was a really funny metaphor - we carried it out all through class.

Then we had a peach fuzz/beard hair discussion (again - I think they think I'm their mother or something...).

So, I'm still behind on my grading, I have to make a quiz first thing tomorrow (after my 7:30! meeting), then there's our community service, a field trip coming up, time for more progress reports, all kinds of other shit - never a dull moment.

Hard to believe some days that I actually *wanted* to do this for a living - and that I still enjoy it. Ninety-nine days out of a hundred, I wouldn't trade my job for one of those cushy desk jobs where the money's good and the living's easy. But there's always that one day out of a hundred... I'm tired just thinking about it.

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