Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend Update

It was actually a fairly productive weekend around here. Yesterday was a pretty good day overall. We got up and made pancakes for breakfast, then spent three hours doing the Bear's "homework" from preschool. For Thanksgiving, all the kids were given a sheet of brown construction paper and told to make a turkey to bring in for their celebration on Wednesday. Two turkeys = three hours. There was craft foam, there was glue, there were stick-on letters, there was glitter, there were fluffly pom-poms, there was "cutting with scissors," which is the Bear's new favorite activity. The kitchen was an absolute mess. We had a pretty good time, though. Then there were muffins to be made, dinner to eat, baths to take.

Today, less fun. We had french toast for breakfast, cleaned out my car, went through the carwash, bought some pantyhose (geez, my weekend sounds boring when you write it out like that), laundry to do, fold, put away, beds to make, cleaning, etc. People were grouchy, tempers were short, I was snippy.

Now Husband is home, all tired and grouchy, I'm still tired and grouchy, the Bear is sick, which makes her tired and grouchy, and Tank broke, lost, or destroyed at least ten different things I needed today. I have a horribly shitty meeting (I accidentally typed *meating* there, and it wasn't even that far off) to look forward to tomorrow morning, and I'm tired and grouchy. Feel like I already said that one.

Wow. Weekend Update was so much funnier when Tina Fey was doing it. I kind of suck at this game.

That's okay. I'm sure the meating will provide lots of fodder for tomorrow.


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I've tagged you for a noblopomo meme!

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