Monday, November 12, 2007

oh, boy

What a freaking day. Tank is sick, had to get a sub, had to go into work to make plans, had to take her with me, the sub was a total fucking wack job, I'm way over my head with grading, didn't get much done today because I had a feverish sleeping lump on my arm, Husband is sick and I gave him some Tylenol Sinus and he passed out on the couch. I came out and found him sound asleep on the couch, holding the Bear's chapter book, and she was just sitting next to him, watching the football game, waiting for someone to come put her to bed. Geez, what a day.

Speaking of Bears, she is totally three now. Oh, is she three. And she's good at it. The fits are world-class. The silliness is in full effect - not just the baby silly, but the purposeful acting like a goon silly that little kids do that I find so annoying. Baby talk, toilet humor, random gibberish, you name it. So obnoxious. I could just sit on her some days. Seriously.

And it's only Monday, and I'm so tired.

On the upside, I only had one can of Dr. Pepper today, and that was the only thing I had all day that was bad for me. I have decided that enough is enough. I am declaring jihad on junk food. (Except for the last three cans of Dr. Pepper in the fridge. Because I have to get rid of them, or else they'll just be in there, taunting me, all the time.) No more shit for me.


Ninotchka said...

I am declaring jihad on junk food.

Dude, you CRACK me up. We have the pseudo sickness around here too. That is, everyone is on the verge but not quite sick. Sucks.

Jane said...

Day two is going okay - a fortune cookie and some garlic bread, offset by tea and whole-wheat bran muffins. Still, it's that time and I want some freaking junk. Really bad!