Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Oh, screw it.

Well, the picture that goes here is freaking not there, where I left it. Whatever. It was a picture of the ginormous pile of shit on my desk at work. It's huge. Organized in my special "piling" system. Get it? Like a filing system, but with piles? A piling system?

Work is crazy right now. I am super tired and getting sick, I think, courtesy of my children, who bring home germs from other peoples' children from daycare, and courtesy of my students, who bring their damn germs from home and cough them all over the room. Still, I love my job. Love it. How many people can truly say that? Highlights from my day:

A 7th grade boy (let's call him Kumar) working on his homework in my room after school. He looks up to ask if he's phrased his sentence the right way. His sentence? "I am a communist." Rockin.

Same 7th grade class, earlier in the day. The question? "Is 'Catholic' a religious affliction?"* Priceless.

A 7th grade girl, leaving my class at the bell - "I'm so excited! I think I actually get it!" Seriously. She had a little tiny breakthrough right there. It was so sweet!

Giving phonetic pronunciations to my 6th graders, who are learned to count to 100 today. Foniks R funn!

A 6th grade girl asking me if I would promise to stay and be their teacher until they graduate.

*We were talking about the correct verb used to indicate religious or political *affiliation.* Covers Catholicism and Communism - afflictions both, I guess! :)


Ninotchka said...

LOVE that you love your job. That is such an incredible blessing.

Your kids sound adorable. "affliction" HA HA HA

Julie said...

Jeez, my 7th-grade language instruction was more along the lines of "How much does it cost?" and "What's your name?"

I'm glad you like it -- that helps during the busy times, huh?

Jane said...

I do love my job. I actually don't mind getting up and going to work in the mornings. That's really saying something, given the hour and a half in the car that it takes me to get there!