Friday, November 16, 2007


Well, I made it like halfway through NaBloPoMo on a pretty decent streak. But now, just past the halfway point, I'm totally fried. My brain is like bleeding out my ears.

I have my period.
I quit my soda habit.
It was Halloween week followed by progress reports followed by Parent/Teacher Conferences week.
My ILs were out of town (kind of nice) but my mother was in (kind of stressful).
My children are sick. (Two mild cases of the flu, one middle ear infection, and one amazingly fierce case of hives.)
I'm sick.
Husband is sick.
My FIL is sick.
Tank has taken to waking up at 3 am. For fun. Ready to play.
I had a sub who was a total wack job. That's a whole day I'll never get back.
I have a parent meeting monday with the biggest bitch I've ever met. If you crossed Shirley MacLaine's character from Steel Magnolias with Kathy Bates's character from Misery and threw in a little Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction, this lady would still be worse. Must. Not. Bitchslap. Must. Not. Bitchslap.
I am chubby. (Seriously. I have become pudgy. It's gross.)
We're broke. Flat fucking broke.
We have an open house tomorrow. Please, God, let someone want my house.
It's cold. It's supposed to snow tomorrow.

So, it's not that things are *bad*, per se, but there's a lot going on right now, and it's just all been building up. I can't wait for next week. Can't. Wait. No school Wednesday (all day to work on grading, with a break for Turkey dinner at preschool with the kids), feasting and football all day Thursday, lazy lazy Friday (I categorically refuse to leave the house on Black Friday ever again), and then, Saturday...

a night on the town!

As an anniversary gift, my mom and dad got us a night at a *very* nice hotel downtown, and we're going to go out and eat and play and do... stuff. I don't know. Whatever. Four years and nobody's dead yet. Five cars, four moves, three pregnancies, three jobs apiece, two kids in two years, two nights with a blonde waitress, one nervous breakdown, and one gigantic 2200 square foot Victorian albatross hanging around our necks, and we're still together.* Four years next week. (Well, slightly more than a week, but less than two.)

So, yeah. My brain is mush. I planned to go to bed early tonight with a good book, but got caught up playing with the kids, and then sat reading the archives over at UnDomestic for over an hour and watching last week's episode of House. Even though I've already seen it. Because I'm too tired to haul my ass off the couch and off to bed.**

The girls and I have big plans for tomorrow. Pancakes, bran muffins for the week ahead, hand turkeys, and a thorough detailing of my car with the best window-washer and trash-picker-upper a girl could want.

*Feeling like I want to add a partridge in a pear tree here.
**Which I get to myself tonight. Which is nice for stretching out and getting comfy, but also pretty lonely. Meh.


Ninotchka said...

That is quite a lot, my friend! Love your sense of humor. Love the partridge in a pear tree bit. lol

Julie said...

OMG, a veritable vacation. You deserve it.